On the one cold winter’s night a year San Diego has, 4 friends decided to join forces to bring a message of campfire tales to the world. Their brand of black metal/melodic hardcore/punk is unique in that they don’t even know what the hell they’re doing 75% of the time, but people seem to be into it, so they’ll just keep doing it.

Their music has brought them from Tijuana to Seattle, Vancouver to Brooklyn, Philly to Las Vegas…they play all over the place. You get the picture.

Prepare yourself, for even as we speak, the four friends are planning their next move to come to a city near you.

Rad Bands We Have Played With: Ghoul, PEARS, Days N Daze, Ghost Bath, Ramona, Hard Girls, Astronoid, Dead To Me, Iron Chic, CKY, Nekrogoblicon, Okilly Dokilly, Western Settings, Caskitt, Civil War Rust, Nothington, RVIVR, SAMIAM, The Copyrights, Verbal Abuse, Broadway Calls, Tiltwheel, Heartsounds, DFMK, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Bombpops, Kepi Ghoulie, The Shell Corporation, Dan Potthast, Not Half Bad, Dog Party, The Arrivals, toyGuitar, Lemuria, City Mouse, and a whole bunch more!

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