“I can always fall in love with an album that I can’t really compare 100% to anything else – that’s some pure talent right there if you can accomplish that. If you haven’t listened to Ash Williams, do your soul a favor and start to. If they are performing in an area near you – PLEASE do yourself a better favor and see them live. It’ll change your life!”


“There’s also a density and ferocity on new album Pulsar that’s far beyond the expected aesthetic of Southern California punk. This is music that hits harder and cuts deeper, and probably cracks a rib or two in the process.”

~San Diego City Beat


“For 13 tracks, the band throws down well thought out compositions with a fair amount of worthwhile flash.  From the chops and stalls on the title song Pulsar, to the spread of guitar and bass solos throughout, the band does a really nice job of passing the ball around and incorporating dynamic elements in each song.”


“The band starts to experiment and hell it works.”


~I Ate Podcast


“The band could be described as “punk rock Primus” because they combine incredibly complicated fast riffs on both bass and guitar with raw punk sounds. They have mastered using droning melodies with dissonance, creating catchy and almost haunting parts of songs. To put it plainly, it’s absolutely beautiful.”


“I could feel the power behind the kick as the drummer propelled his bandmates forward with rapid d-beats while the guitarists whirred away with raucous rhythms. The bassist/vocalist manhandled his instrument with impressive tapping passages, while also tapping into both genre’s various vocal stylings of rabid barks and the occasional blackened screech.”


“‘Pulsar’ jumps around with simple, fast, upbeat punk chords and adds harsh, grainy screaming to the singing. Loud bass lines ring out from the 80’s, as little surprises like tiny harmonies, acoustics, or hints of somber post-punk subtly sneak in.”

~Cvlt Legion


“I love you all, but that music is too damn loud.”

~Our Moms