Ash Williams is a punk band that wishes it was a black metal band. Instead of fjords, we have sandy beaches here in San Diego, but don’t let that fool you. The ocean is the most destructive force on the planet and it will eventually swallow us all. We live near it for we do not fear death.

Since 2015 we have toured 3 countries, played several festivals (Awesomefest, This Is My Fest, Colonial Fest, and more), self released a couple of EPs, and in 2017 released our first full length album “Pulsar” via Diet Pop Records. We have played with bands all across metal and punk. Bands such as Ghoul, PEARS, Days N Daze, Ghost Bath, Hard Girls, Astronoid, Dead To Me, Iron Chic, Western Settings, Caskitt, Civil War Rust, Nothington, RVIVR, SAMIAM, The Copyrights, Verbal Abuse, Broadway Calls, Tiltwheel, Heartsounds, DFMK, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Bombpops, Kepi Ghoulie, The Shell Corporation, Dan Potthast, Not Half Bad, Dog Party, The Arrivals, toyGuitar, Lemuria, City Mouse, and a whole bunch more!

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